HD Front Coil


TTC-1615 (Dodge)

TUFTRUCK®’s TTC-1615 heavy duty front coil spring kit is specifically engineered to provide a 1-3” lift, noticeably increasing the front end support of your 1994-2013 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Reg/Crew/Mega Cab/Diesel. Designed with the serious truck owner in mind the TTC-1615 coils are sure to give you the additional weight capacity you are looking for by providing superior load support as compared to your OEM coils.

Note: Recommended for a loaded work truck, not for a daily driver.

General Info

Height: 1" - 3" Lift

    • Model: RAM 2500 (2WD)
    • Years: 1994 - 2013
    • Model: RAM 3500 (2WD)
    • Years: 1994 - 2013


Perfectly-engineered coil springs that leave stock parts in their dust. A smoother ride. Safer stopping. No more sagging. TUFTRUCK coils add some serious muscle to your truck. Check out where to buy your coils.

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