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TUFTRUCK® Shocks are 100% North American Made

Designed based on many years of Heavy Duty applicatons, the TUFTRUCK® Heavy Duty Shock out performs the competition by incorporating the knowledge we have learned from hours of testing!

TUFTRUCK® Shocks are extremely effective on and off-road.

  • High velocity, speed sensitive valving
  • Massive 1 5/8" piston assembly
  • Large 11/16" chrome shaft
  • Teflon wiper seal
  • Bump stop
  • Double welded
  • Urethane bushings
  • Twin Tube
  • Added oil capacity
  • Cellular

TUFTRUCK® Heavy Duty “Twin Tube Cellular Gas” Shock Design is constructed of Inner Steel Tube that is 1 5/8 Bore (Actual Piston Size). The outer Buldged Design (aka Oil Reservoir) is large to house optimum amounts of fluid, not found in traditional (OE) Shocks. The fluid is more heat resistant as well (temperature compensating fluid) allowing the shock to have more oil as well as the ability to handle higher temperatures.

TUFTRUCK® Heavy Duty "Cellular Gas" Shock is a foam type product inserted between the inner twin and outer tube. This foam (often referred to as a bladder) reacts to the shaft movement displacing the shaft as it travels in and out of the cylinder. The other purpose of the foam cell is to create a situation that allows the shocks internal components to be completely submerged in oil at all times as to not allow air to mix with the oil which would cause foaming.

TUFTRUCK® Heavy Duty "Valving" Shock is far superior to OE units allowing for more control in higher speed dampening which is necessary for vehicles with Heavier Springs, Lift Kits, etc.

TUFTRUCK® Heavy Duty Shock Benefits are:

  • The Larger Shaft Size
  • Double welding
  • Urethane Bushings
  • External Bump Stop

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