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TUFTRUCK® brand coils are an ideal solution to under-sprung or sagged front ends on domestic full size pick-up trucks and vans. Whether you're adding a snowplow or a heavy-duty bumper with winch, we can help you. We currently stock super heavy duty manufactured coils for common Dodge, Ford, and Chevy/GM applications.

We also offer heavy duty and leveling coils for newer Dodge and Ford SD Pick Ups as well as P-30/35 Motor homes.

The TUFTRUCK® line of Super Heavy Duty Coil Spring Upgrades beats anything on the market today and covers many major pick up truck brands as well as motor homes, old and new.

TUFTRUCK® Coils are available for most North-American trucks and vans. Equip your North-American vehicle or work fleet with TUFTRUCK® coil springs to increase your trucks carrying capacity. Carry more heavy equipment without sacrificing the ride and look of your truck. TUFTRUCK® Coil springs eliminate the saggy look of trucks carrying heavy loads.

We guarantee consistent quality for all of our products. We are constantly working to expand our product line. If you have a special request or don't see a product offered for your vehicle, please contact our sales team.

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