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TUFTRUCK® Severe Duty Disc Brake Pads are made for challenging driving conditions of fleet and heavy duty vehicles. TUFTRUCK® Severe Duty Disc Brake Pads are 100% North American Made.

Comprehensive coverage for the North American Heavy Duty Truck:

  • Trucks
  • Performance Vehicles
  • Vehicles Used for Towing
  • Fleets
  • Ambulances
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks

All TUFTRUCK® formulations are tested with Link D1900 dynamometer, as well as independent lab test by Link Laboratories utilizing the industries latest testing procedures. So, with state-of-the-art R & D testing facilities, top of the line 400 ton presses and premium ingredients, it’s no wonder the TUFTRUCK line of Disc Brake Pads have been out performing competition.

TUFTRUCK® Severe Duty Disc Brake Pads are formulated for extreme driving conditions. This high carbon content metallic pad is ideal for towing, fleet, emergency vehicles, light to medium truck applications. TUFTRUCK® Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad gives aggressive braking and longer life cycles in high heat environments while maintaining excellent drivability. Backing plates are surface prepared for extreme sheer force and powder coated for corrosion resistance and excellent finish.

  • Dual layer friction for maximum sheer strength under severe pressures
  • The ultimate brake pad for life, performance and quiet operation
  • Surface prepared backing plates for extreme sheer force
  • Hardware and wear indicators attached where applicable
  • "TruQuiet" premium elastomer active shim technology for improved noise reduction performance
  • Chamfered and/or slotted for better noise suppression
  • 100% shrink wrapped in the box for appearance and protection
  • Manufactured by a BEEP certified facility

Prices with you in Mind

The LAST thing you should cut back on is your ability to stop safely.

Just ask your mechanic. The most important part of your truck, without a doubt, is your truck’s brakes. The ability to stop your truck.

In today’s world everyone is cutting back. However, necessities are non-negotiable. Brakes are always a necessity and your safety should never be negotiable. We price our brake products with safety and affordability in mind.

Safety should be your #1 concern. It’s ours.

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