Another Satisfied Customer


We sent a brand new set of TUFTRUCK coils to a customer and they were so happy with the upgrade that they sent us a glowing review. Dana wrote:

"The photo of truck with trailer is unladen with new springs, the trailer weight is not on the truck. The 10″/12″ photo is stock spring without weight. The 11″/13″ photo is your coil without weight. The spring gave an inch of rear lift. Driving loaded is much improved. Rear suspension doesn’t compress to bump stop or if it does, it’s not as severe. It removed harsh hit at full cycle. Unloaded it has good ride quality, just slightly stiffer at initial rate. Has good feel at second rate. It cycle is stiffer but no bounce, nice and controlled. The truck still has stock shocks and springs in front. Overall the coils are an excellent upgrade."


Stock Springs – No Weight


TUFTRUCK Springs – No Weight

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