The Dodge Lineup Part 2 – The CV Tradesman

Despite our name, we don’t make Heavy Duty suspension products for JUST Trucks. Our TUF lineup of Coil Springs are also designed for popular work vans in need of a ‘lift’. One such vehicle is the Dodge CV Tradesman, a popular work van designed for carrying the heavy loads needed in trades. However, despite the 1,800 lbs payload boasted by the Tradesman, sometimes your work van may need a little extra boost. That’s where TUFTRUCK comes in.


Available Products

We have designed two coil spring models to improve the suspension and carrying capacity of 2012-2015 CV Tradesman models. The TTC-1208 and TTC-1209 offer the best in Heavy-Duty rear-end support for the vehicle. The TTC-1208 increases the carrying capacity of the Tradesman by 25% while eliminating any rear-end drag as a result from overcapacity with OEM Coils.

Similarly, the TTC-1209 will also improve the suspension through eliminating sagging and returning the Tradesman to stock ride height while improving carrying capacity by up to 50%.

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If you have any further questions on our lineup for the Dodge CV Tradesman, please feel free to visit the Contact Us page, or leave a comment below. To view the TTC-1208 and TTC-1209 products in more detail, please visit our products page.

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