NEW TUFTRUCK Product Alert!

Brand new 2015 RAM Truck owners be warned before reading – this post will stir a desire in you to upgrade and improve your brand new toy. We are proud to introduce our new TTC-1224 and TTC-1211 coil spring kits for the Dodge Ram



These new are exactly what you need to make the most out of your new truck. Whether its business or personal, the added durability and security that TUFTRUCK Heavy Duty Coils add to this truck is far superior to OEM Coil Springs.

But which is right for you – the TTC-1224 or the TTC-1211? Each kit is broken down below.

The TTC-1224 is designed for the serious truck owner. The spring is combatable with your 2013-2015 RAM 3500 4WD model, or the 2014-2015 RAM 2500. This front-end spring is sure to give you the added weight capacity you need, as well as providing a 2.5″ lift for your ride.



The TTC-1211 extra Heavy Duty Spring is built to provide rear-end support for 2009-2015 RAM 1500 models. These coils eliminate rear end drag and keeps your ride level. By using these coils, your ride will remain level no matter the weight in the back. This is accomplished by giving you an extra 50% carrying capacity over the OEM coils.

Do you see the benefits of working with TUFTRUCK Coils? Contact us today to find out how we can help you further!


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