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Another Satisfied Customer


We sent a brand new set of TUFTRUCK coils to a customer and they were so happy with the upgrade that they sent us a glowing review. Dana wrote:

"The photo of truck with trailer is unladen with new springs, the trailer weight is not on the truck. The 10″/12″ photo is stock spring without weight. The 11″/13″ photo is your coil without weight. The spring gave an inch of rear lift. Driving loaded is much improved. Rear suspension doesn’t compress to bump stop or if it does, it’s not as severe. It removed harsh hit at full cycle. Unloaded it has good ride quality, just slightly stiffer at initial rate. Has good feel at second rate. It cycle is stiffer but no bounce, nice and controlled. The truck still has stock shocks and springs in front. Overall the coils are an excellent upgrade."


Stock Springs – No Weight


TUFTRUCK Springs – No Weight

The Dodge Lineup Part 2 – The CV Tradesman

Despite our name, we don’t make Heavy Duty suspension products for JUST Trucks. Our TUF lineup of Coil Springs are also designed for popular work vans in need of a ‘lift’. One such vehicle is the Dodge CV Tradesman, a popular work van designed for carrying the heavy loads needed in trades. However, despite the 1,800 lbs payload boasted by the Tradesman, sometimes your work van may need a little extra boost. That’s where TUFTRUCK comes in.


Available Products

We have designed two coil spring models to improve the suspension and carrying capacity of 2012-2015 CV Tradesman models. The TTC-1208 and TTC-1209 offer the best in Heavy-Duty rear-end support for the vehicle. The TTC-1208 increases the carrying capacity of the Tradesman by 25% while eliminating any rear-end drag as a result from overcapacity with OEM Coils.

Similarly, the TTC-1209 will also improve the suspension through eliminating sagging and returning the Tradesman to stock ride height while improving carrying capacity by up to 50%.

1 2


If you have any further questions on our lineup for the Dodge CV Tradesman, please feel free to visit the Contact Us page, or leave a comment below. To view the TTC-1208 and TTC-1209 products in more detail, please visit our products page.

The Dodge Lineup – RAM 1500 & 2500

Dodge has stunned truck drivers everywhere with their incredibly successful new announcements, from the 2015 Ram 1500 to the Eco-Diesel 2500. There are a few things TUFTRUCK has in common with Dodge; we both love trucks, and we are both sticklers for quality. That’s why our new Heavy Duty Coil and Shock products for new Dodge Ram models are made with quality steel in North America – because quality matters.



RAM 1500 

What type of 1500 do you have? We have a Coil for that! Our famous TTC-1210, 1211, and 1223 have all been updated to perform to the TUFTRUCK Standards in the new 2015 Ram 1500. Whether you are looking to lower your truck while improving your suspension with the TTC-1210L or want to increase the carrying AND towing capacity of your ride with the TTC-1211 model, our Heavy Duty coil springs will get the job done.


RAM 2500

Just bought the new Eco-Diesel 2500? Good news! We have specially developed a new set of front coil springs for 2014-2015 Ram 2500 4 wheel drive models. These TTC-1224 Heavy Duty Coil Springs provide a 2″-2.5″ lift for your ride. We also provide TTC-1224 springs for Ram 3500 Models. These springs are ideal for mounting a snow plow, heavy-duty winch, or other front-mounted accessory.


Have an older model 2500? No need to worry! We supply coil springs with various lift ratings for Ram 2500 and 3500 models from years 1994 onwards! Visit our Dodge Product Page to see more!

Have any questions about our Dodge product lineup? Please comment below, or Contact Us toll free!

NEW TUFTRUCK Product Alert!

Brand new 2015 RAM Truck owners be warned before reading – this post will stir a desire in you to upgrade and improve your brand new toy. We are proud to introduce our new TTC-1224 and TTC-1211 coil spring kits for the Dodge Ram



These new are exactly what you need to make the most out of your new truck. Whether its business or personal, the added durability and security that TUFTRUCK Heavy Duty Coils add to this truck is far superior to OEM Coil Springs.

But which is right for you – the TTC-1224 or the TTC-1211? Each kit is broken down below.

The TTC-1224 is designed for the serious truck owner. The spring is combatable with your 2013-2015 RAM 3500 4WD model, or the 2014-2015 RAM 2500. This front-end spring is sure to give you the added weight capacity you need, as well as providing a 2.5″ lift for your ride.



The TTC-1211 extra Heavy Duty Spring is built to provide rear-end support for 2009-2015 RAM 1500 models. These coils eliminate rear end drag and keeps your ride level. By using these coils, your ride will remain level no matter the weight in the back. This is accomplished by giving you an extra 50% carrying capacity over the OEM coils.

Do you see the benefits of working with TUFTRUCK Coils? Contact us today to find out how we can help you further!


Why are TUFTRUCK Springs Shorter Than the Original Truck Springs?

Many customers ask us, “Why are some TUFTRUCK Heavy Duty springs shorter than my trucks OEM springs?” This is because TUFTRUCK springs are made of thick, heavy duty material that is designed to withstand the weight of the truck. While the OEM springs are taller, they are designed to compress under the weight of the truck. TUFTRUCK Heavy Duty springs eliminate the need for the extra height by being stronger, and maintaining their height when used. The difference in size can be seen in the picture below.


As you can see, the Spring on the left is shorter than the OEM Spring on the right. However, the Spring on the left will not shrink to the same degree as the spring on the right when placed under heavy strain.

Do you have any other questions about TUFTRUCK products? Contact Us and we will be happy to answer!


Because we are so well known for our superior Heavy Duty Coil Springs, our customers often overlook the other truck accessories that we provide for serious truck and work-van owners looking to improve their ride. That’s why we want to draw your attention to our line of Heavy Duty TUFTRUCK Shocks!


Whether you have installed our Coil Springs in your vehicle, or if this is the first time you have seen a TUFTRUCK product, these shocks are the perfect solution for your vehicle both on and off road. Designed for Ford, Dodge, and Chevy/GM vehicles, these shocks give more durable, dependable support then standard OEM shocks. When combined with TUFTRUCK Coils, you get the best suspension available for your truck or work van!


These shocks are built for North American Trucks years 2008 or newer. For a complete list of parts, click here. Like all TUFTRUCK products, our shocks are 100% North American made, and built with to the highest quality available. Heavy Duty shocks are:

  • High velocity, speed sensitive valving,
  • Massive 1 5/8″ piston assembly,
  • Large 11/16″ chrome shaft,
  • Teflon wiper seal,
  • Bump stop,
  • Double welded,
  • Urethane bushings,
  • Twin Tube,
  • Added oil capacity,
  • Cellular.

To read more about TUFTRUCK Heavy Duty shocks, and to find the part that is right for you, visit our shocks page here. If you have any questions, please leave a response in the comments below!

The NTEA and Featured Products

Have you heard? The Work Truck Trade Show is this weekend in Indianapolis, IN, from Wednesday March 4th to Friday March 6th. The show is hosted by the NTEA, an association for companies that service or build products for work trucks.


TUFTRUCK specializes in offering the best suspension products for work vans and trucks, providing superior carrying capacities and ride height over OEM coils. You can read more about NTEA on their website.

We would also like to remind you of our featured products for Dodge and Ford products!


Our Heavy Duty coils for the brand new Dodge 2014-2015 2500 and 3500 have just been released! These coils offer a higher carrying capacity while improving the support of your truck. Read more Here.


One of our best selling product lines for Ford F350-F550 work trucks are still featured for the month of May! The TTC-2829 and TTC-2830 are the strongest, most durable coils available for this truck. These springs are ideal for mounting a heavy duty winch or snow plow without sagging the front end. Read more Here.


New Product! TTC-1224 for RAM 2014-2015 Trucks.

We are introducing a brand new coil spring for the brand new 2014-2015 RAM 2500/3500 Four Wheel Drive models. These coils will give your RAM a 2″-2.5″ lift to increase the front support of your truck. TUFTRUCK springs are designed to improve front end support compared to the Original Manufacturer Coils.



If you are a recent Ram Truck owner and want to improve your truck with superior suspension, Contact Us to learn how the TTC-1224 Coil Springs work with you! Make sure to take a look at our other products designed specifically for Dodge Trucks!


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