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Birth of the TUFTRUCK Brand

In 2002, suppliers and working pick-up truck owners started asking where they could get super heavy-duty replacement front-end coils for work trucks. The original stock parts were just not holding up to the work load.

Our research and engineering team went to work and the TUFTRUCK® brand was born. These are tough, super heavy-duty suspension coils that are engineered to meet the needs of the working truck driver and full-size vans.

Mission Statement

To provide the best quality super heavy duty coil spring upgrades to the market at affordable prices and as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

Our Engineering, Quality Control and Sales Staff are focused on providing quality products and service to everyone involved with our products. It is our goal to meet your needs and exceed your expectations at all times.

Call us today at 1-800-667-6167 or email us at contact@TUFTRUCK.com

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